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MSc.Psychology, Trained from Santhula Trust Hospital, Koothatukulam as an intern, Participated in International Post conference workshop in Solution Focused couple therapy.


The purpose of research was to find out the effect of perceived social support and rejection sensitivity on personality among transgenders. The study was conducted in 30 transgenders from Thrissur and Malappuram districts of Kerala. The hypotheses were set to find out the significance difference and correlation between perceived social support (IV) and rejection sensitivity (IV) and personality (DV). Data were collected using perceived social support scale (Manikandan, 2015), rejection sensitivity questionnaire adult version (Berenson, 2009) and NEO FFI-3 questionnaire (Costa and McCrae, 2005).. Independent sample t-test, Pearson correlation coefficient and regression were used for statistical analysis. The result indicates that there is significant age difference in neuroticism. And also there exists correlation between perceived social support, rejection sensitivity, and dimensions of personality.