Speaker Biography

Misla Nasarin K. P

Farook College, Kerala

Title: Perception of Faith Healing among Clients; a Qualitative Perspective

Misla Nasarin K. P

M. Sc. Student, Department of Psychology, Farook College (Affiliated to University of Calicut), Kerala


The present study aims to understand the perception of faith healing among clients. The study focused on how the clients perceive the faith healing. Further focused on religiosity and faith healing. Also, to understand placebo effect and faith healing among participants. The participant of the present study consists of 25 females’ clients from Kannur district of Kerala (ages are in between 22 and 60), who were consulted the faith healer at least once. Semi Structured Interview Schedule and Structured Questionnaire were administered to the participants, which are prepared by the researchers. Content analysis and descriptive frequency results are inferred that the client perceive, faith healing as a successful treatment method and points, they believed that the faith healers have a spiritual power and have a close contact with the God. The results also revealed that faith healing mainly works on placebo effect.

Inferences of study can be applied, to aware the society about the unscientific side of faith healing, about the medical care system and medical ethics, helpful to make policies against unscientific practices and, to ensure the rights of the citizens for getting appropriate treatment methods on both physical and mental illness.