Speaker Biography

Nadia Shafique

Foundation University Islamabad, Pakistan

Title: Moderating Effect of Duration of Epilepsy on The Relationship Between Child Dysfunctional Modes and Hostility

Nadia Shafique

Nadia Shafique has recently completed her PhD in Psychology from International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan. She is working as Assistant Prof at Foundation University Islamabad. She has three publications and now supervising research students as well. Present abstract is based on her PhD dissertation. 


The current study aimed at investing in the moderating role of duration of epilepsy on the relationship between dysfunctional child modes and hostility. A purposive sample of 108 people with epilepsy with a mean age (M=24.91, SD=7.42) in Pakistan. The respondents completed the Schema Mode Inventory and subscale of Hostility from SCL-90, also the demographic and clinical variables were taken from the semi-structured interview. Findings revealed that duration of epilepsy significantly moderated the relationship between dysfunctional child modes and hostility. The mod graph showed that the hostility increases in the acute stage of epilepsy. Moreover, people with epilepsy from low-socio-economic status significantly utilized the angry, impulsive, enraged, and undisciplined child modes. This study meaningfully highlights the relationship of epilepsy and aggression among the individuals of epilepsy.